Eyevensys’ EyeCET platform is the first non-viral technology that enables the production of therapeutic proteins in the eye for the treatment of sight threatening ophthalmic diseases.

The idea behind the technology is to provide patients with sustainable levels of ocular therapeutics that are produced within the eye. This approach means that they don’t need intravitreal implants or repeated injections that can cause various serious side effects.

The platform uses a proprietary injection and electroporation device named ETIS (Electro-Transfection Injection System) to deliver plasmids encoding for the production of well-established therapeutic proteins in the ciliary muscle, an ideal candidate for transduction. This minimally invasive procedure which takes less than 5 minutes enables an easy reach with no visual risk and provides the patient with a local and safe treatment with long lasting effects between 3 and up to potentially 12 months.

Eye image