Numerous products in development

Wide range of treatment options

Our unique non-viral gene therapy approach provides a wide range of treatment options with the potential to address a variety of ophthalmic diseases, both rare and common, some with no previously approved treatment. Unlike viral vectors such as adeno-associated viruses, plasmids can carry almost unlimited cargo and can accommodate a variety of therapeutic proteins, including the largest ones, as well as regulatory elements.

Eyevensys is highly focused on our EYS809 program for the treatment of Wet AMD. In addition, our validation program EYS606 has had proven success in the treatment of Noninfectious Uveitis and forms the basis of our drug discovery platform. EYS606 is currently available for licensing.

Targeting extracellular retinal disease pathways

Eyevensys’ current pipeline includes plasmids encoding therapeutic proteins that target extracellular retinal disease pathways, such as an anti–tumor necrosis factor protein for the treatment of chronic non-infectious uveitis, a neuroprotective antioxidant protein for the treatment of retinal degenerative diseases (eg, retinitis pigmentosa, geographic atrophy or late-stage dry age-related macular degeneration [AMD], and possibly glaucoma), a protein targeting the complement system for the treatment of dry AMD, and antiangiogenic proteins that treat retinal vascular diseases and macular edemas (eg, AMD, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, and retinal vein occlusion).