Eyevensys relies on a solid network of professional partnerships to design, produce and validate its Platform technology



Eurogentec (

Based in Saraing, Belgium, Eurogentec is a CMO which has produces Eyevensys GMP grade therapeutic plasmid for its clinical trials.

DĂ©clic (

Engineering Companybased in Saint Maurice near Paris, Declic has supervised the final design phase of the ETIS device, and supervised the production of the clinical lot.

Fesys (

Based , at Eybebsnear Grenoble, Fesysdevelops and manufactures electronicsystems. They have developed and manufactured the ETIS pulse generatoraccording to the optimal electro-transfection parameters.

CytoxLab ( )

The CiToxLab Group offers a fulll range of preclinical services to the biotech, medtech, and pharma industries. Citoxlab has realized for Eyenvenys the Safety, Tolerance and Biodistribution studies to support entry into the clinical phase.

Nexialist (

Baser at La Ciotat, nearMarseilles, Nexialistis a consulting company, specialising in the development and marketing of medical devices. They assist Eyevensys in the registration and CE Marking of the ETIS device.

Axonal (

Axonal is a leading CRO that provides project support to pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and not-for-profit sponsors in the management of Phase II to IV clinical trials, pharmaco-epidemiological studies, surveys and observational studies. Axonal is assisting Eyevensys in the upcoming Phase IB clincial trial of EYS606.

Jules Gonin (

The Asylum for the Blind Foundation in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a private foundation created in 1843, regrouping over 600 employees offering diagnostic, treatment and support services to people suffering vision impairment at all ages.

The Ophthalmic Hospital Jules-Gonin, a part of the Foundation, is a renown centre of reference. Eyevensys’ founder Professor Behar-Cohen is the Chief Medical Officer of the Hospital. Eyevensys collaborates with the Hospital on a number of research topics related to the ETIS electro-transfer technology.